Wealth Management

We offer wealth management solutions to private and corporate clients that are looking to benefit from expertise and our proprietary access to the market. Through a unique group structure and a strong network of expertise in the sector we have some enviable relationships with banks and Assets managers. This can put clients that would often be regarded as retail clients into a stronger position enhancing the products they are offered.

Acquisition of wealth is a very different process to management of wealth and capital preservation. There is usually a very different risk tolerance used for different financial events. Our investment expertise allows us to educate our clients on selecting the appropriate assets and strategies having fully understood their needs. Our access to most leading banks, fund houses and investment management products means we have the ability to offer bespoke portfolios for individual client requirements. Our Wealth Management proposition includes advice on

Tax Planning Strategies

It is important to act on your expatriate status as quickly as possible to maximize tax savings. We are constantly abreast of legislation that benefits our clients.

Discretionary Portfolios

As a group we have strategic alliances with many discretionary managers meaning that we can suit each investor profile.

Bespoke Structured Investment Products

With direct links to top tier banks and consistent trading volume we have the ability to secure bespoke products at preferential pricing.

Portfolio Management

Never has been so important to review your portfolio regularly and re balance according to the markets. We have a wide range of options that can enhance many existing portfolios. It is worth have a review of your portfolio to see if we can improve it.

Trusts and Estate Planning

With access to many types of trusts in many different countries we can often show clients solutions they did not know existed. We will cover trusts as part of an overall review.

IHT Provision

We have a variety of instruments and planning ideas to minimize IHT but like all tax strategies time is of the essence here.

Wealth Management

Whether investing new money or looking for better management of existing portfolios we can help and advise private and corporate clients on their investment and Asset management strategy. Our unique structure allows us to provide bespoke portfolios at institutional rates to a wide range of private and corporate clients. Even if heavily invested elsewhere we can dissect a portfolio and aim to add value to it. We are relentless with our due diligence and quest for the perfect portfolio for our clients.

Our Wealth Management team have many years of combined experience coupled with extensive knowledge and proprietary information. We are focused on giving cost effective, beneficial wealth management solutions. Certain areas we advise on are

Managed Funds

Unit trust’s/ Mutual funds

Discretionary portfolios

Personal portfolio bonds

QROPS and SIPP’s portfolios

Structured products

We offer Global commodity brokerage services, managed futures consultation, direct access trading, and trading system execution services to individuals, corporations and industry professionals.

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